About BTKOasis

 Welcome! My name is Debra Williams-Adams, and I'm the founder of BTKOasis (BTKO).

What is BTKO?

BTKO is the acronym for my philosophy that a Beautiful, Timeless, and Knowledgable Oasis emerges when creation moves from ideas to physical realities, making it fertile where it was once void.
BTKO's mission is to create overall wellness of mind and body. We formulate body products for comfort and healing, incorporating essential oils and plant butter containing anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, analgesic, and skin-rejuvenating properties that help you feel good. Our flagship, Muscle Joint Healing Balm, makes you feel better by relieving aches and pains in problem areas, giving you the mobility you need to look good because you feel good. Our Better Body Butter is formulated with the best nourishing butters that enhance the quality of your skin while feeding your senses with 100% essential oils.

If you have muscle or joint pain, making it difficult to sleep at night, impeding your mobility during the day, or causing you not to enjoy activities you once loved, try our Muscle Joint Healing Balm today!